Lois Thompson was my Realtor when I relocated to Indianapolis. I needed to see a large quanity of properties in a limited amount of time, but she was always able to get it done and worked it around our schedule, not hers. Lois was always available to reach by phone and email, responded within minutes of every call, and also was right there by our side throughout the whole transaction period. I would recommend calling Lois for any questions, concerns or when buying a home.

Drew Shafer
Indianapolis, IN

Jeff & I have purchased several homes before, but your help & expertise made this search & purchase easier than ever!

We appreciated both your complete professionalism & your friendly personality. You handled our requests with skill & grace. You let us make the decisions & carried out our wishes to the letter.

I have worked with many Realtors in the past, but none of them handled our transactions as well as you did. We are very pleased with our new home & would gladly recommend you to any other buyer or seller. THANKS again for all your hard work & assistance.

Brenda Wheeler & Jeff Jockisch
Westfield, IN
Jeff Jockisch
Strategic Guide Development

My wife & I spent two months on our own trying to find a home. We were never able to find one which satisfied my expectations as well as hers. Then my colleague recommended Lois to us. Lois's extensive experience & knowledge impressed us deeply & she became our guiding light. After only one month of intensive search, we found our home! Lois was also great on negotiation. She gave us many great tips & suggestions on our offer. It turned out her suggestions were very valuable! We were very pleased with our purchase price.

Then came the doubts & fear associated with our purchase. We knew nothing about the home buying process. She was always available, always in a good mood, very patient, very cooperative, having good suggestions & very professional. We really enjoyed working with her & became good friends.

I sincerely appreciate everything Lois did to help us during the purchase of our home. Without any reservations I would recommend her to anyone needing a Realtor. Lois has a wonderful way with her customers & a fine quality about her.

The Peng's family
Greenwood, IN

I purchased my first home with Lois Thompson, Thompson Realtors this past spring. It was my first time purchasing a home and Lois was able to make the experience as painless as possible. She was more than willing to spend the extra time to explain the details to me and she offered a sense of comfort while I traveled through this milestone of my life. Her wealth of knowledge is impeccable and her past experiences enable her to confidently tackle any obstacle that arises. Lois' work ethic is unmatched by not only others in the Real Estate industry, but by the majority of all professionals. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that she can meet anyone's schedule. Throughout her extensive career in Real Estate she has developed many professional relationships, and keeps in contact with these professionals on a daily basis. Her accessibility to these resources makes her a quick guide to any question concerning Real Estate. Lois builds a relationship with her clients and is willing to not only help during the sale, but afterwards as well. We have kept in contact for nearly a year after the purchase of my property, and she is still willing to spend as much time as needed on any problem or concern that comes my way. Currently, Lois and I are working on purchasing another property. I would recommend Lois to anyone that is considering buying or selling a home. From my personal experiences it will be a long lasting relationship and you will without a doubt be a returning customer.

Riley Tolen
Westfield, IN

I have purchased four homes with Lois' assistance in the past twenty (20) plus years. She has been extremely helpful with my purchases and sales of former homes. Lois truly understands what you want and need in your search for the perfect home and doesn't care how long you take to make your decision. I have appreciated her knowledge, expertise, patience, assistance, positive attitude and most of all her friendship. She has become a dear friend and part of our family. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any one.

Lois Bailey
Indianapolis, IN

"When it comes to Real Estate, there's only one name we trust: Lois Thompson!"

Sky-rocketing property taxes forced my wife & I out of our new home and we faced foreclosure! In addition, my wife's health took a spin downward and our income was cut in half! With a pending "Sherriff's Sale" sure to happen, we took the initiative and moved to an apartment and began immediate down sizing!

Our next move: we contacted Lois for help!

Simply put, "Short Sales" are no picnic in the present economy! Although we had +90 showings & 8 offers on our house, its sale was being thwarted by the reluctance of a second mortgage to release the lien! Most frustrating to both seller & Realtor!

Fast forwarding now to April 16, 2010, we SOLD and CLOSED the house!

Now....how does one properly THANK such an individual (Lois) for all of her determination/perseverance (+17 mos!) hard work, love and caring to see something like this through successfully? Well, I'm trying here!

Perhaps you are facing a similar scenario and don't know where to turn for help! Contact Lois today!

Thank you!
Bob and Susan Boling
Indianapolis, IN

I purchased my first home from Lois in February of 2007. Lois was extremely patient with me and my fiance as we poked and proded through several dozen houses. We started looking for a home in August of 2006 and Lois stuck with us every step of the way. She would even show us a home on a Sunday if that was the only day that fit our schedule!

Lois has become a friend of our family over the years, and even sold my mother a home 20+ years ago! She's been with us ever since and there's no doubt in my mind that we'll continue to use her greatly appreciated services as my family now begins to grow. I can't thank her enough for all her love, patience and knowledge!

Andrhea Bailey
Indianapolis, IN
317.455.9345 / 317.418.0636

We have known Lois Thompson for more than 20+ years. She sold our first home more than 20+ years ago and we purchased the home we are living in now. When we decided to start looking at homes again recently we knew who to call. She will keep you informed of all situations and explains every thing to you. She is very professional and you could not find a more understanding, knowledgeable, caring Realtor. She will work with you until you find exactly what you want and until you sell your home. Lois knows the market and will give you the best advice if you are buying or selling your home.

Yvonne and Roger Thomas
Indianapolis, IN

About 2 1/2 years ago my husband and I were faced with moving to a new state for work. His job had transferred him to Indiana permanently (he'd been contracting here for 3 years prior). We needed to find a house and needed to find it quickly. A Realtor friend in Alabama contacted and referred us to Lois. She was absolutely wonderful. Since I was still working in Alabama we only had one day to look at houses. I had to drive up over the weekend and look at as many houses as we could so I could drive back and be at work again Monday morning. We spent all day Saturday looking at houses, but it didn't matter. Lois was great, we'd tell her what we liked or didn't like about each house & we kept looking. We found the house we wanted that day, put a bid on it & closed 2 weeks later. Happily we are still living in that house that coincidentally was not even on our original list to look at. I tell everyone if they are looking for a house to call Lois, she can help & won't rest until you are in the house you want. Thanks Lois for everything!

Naomi Brady Camby IN